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Librarian/Curriculum Resource Specialist

La Salle High School

Posted 3/15/2017 until 4/21/2017


Summary:   Directly reporting to the Associate Principal for Academic Life and the Principal, the Librarian/Curriculum Resources Specialist oversees the day-to-day management of the Library, including its collection and services, promotes interdisciplinary activities, responds to teachers’ curricular needs, researches topics for both teachers and students, and instructs teachers and students in various methods and approaches to research.


Essential Job Functions:

1.       Program Administrator

·         Assists with library budget management and library planning in conjunction with the Associate Principal of Academic Life and Principal.

·         Selects, acquires and weeds material in the library collection in accordance with the school philosophy and curricular goals.

·         Maintains electronic catalog and circulation system.

·         Oversees cataloging and processing of materials.

·         Maintains library laptop/desktop computers and provides technical assistance to students with desktops, laptops, and iPads.

·         Provides assistance to students and faculty to support the curriculum.

·         Monitors Library and provides assistance during peak student hours.

·         Oversees attendance of study periods.

·         Oversees annual inventory of library books and materials.

·         Plans and organizes library displays.


2.       Instructional Leader

·         As a member of Academic Affairs, works with faculty on curriculum planning.

·         Collaborates with teachers in all departments to develop, implement and evaluate research assignments, using hard copy and electronic resources.

·         Plays a central role in working with faculty and coordinating opportunities for interdisciplinary studies. Takes initiative to encourage teachers to engage in interdisciplinary activities and provides resources to support these activities. 

·         Available for consultation with teachers. Responds to teachers’ curricular needs by providing them with professional development and instructional guidance.

·         Focuses on building a collection that ensures teachers have the resources to support innovation and class projects in all subject areas.  

·         Performs research for teachers using both traditional and electronic information sources including academic databases and available public library systems.  Assists with source selection and evaluation.  Instructs teachers in using various research methods.  


3.       Teacher

·         Assists with orientation of freshmen and new students, with a particular focus on digital literacy and citizenship.

·         Provides instruction designed to develop skills on effective research, resource evaluation and information literacy. Assists with source selection and evaluation, particularly focusing on how to appropriately and effectively use electronic resources.

·         Instruct students individually or in groups in locating, selecting, and accessing library resource materials, writing research papers, developing research projects, or selecting books for research or enjoyment.  


Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:

·         Masters in Library and Information Studies or similar

·         At least 2-5 years of relevant experience in a high school library. 

·         Knowledge of the principles and practices of library science and skill in use of technology. Proficient with reference tools, book selection criteria and methodology, and common library resources.

·         Knowledge of current copyright laws and legal regulations regarding the fair use of materials. 

·         In-depth knowledge of current trends in literature and Young Adult literature in particular.

·         Is a skilled teacher. Proficient in a variety of instructional strategies: planning lessons, delivering instruction, performing assessments. 

·         Excellent communication, interpersonal, and collaborative skills. Ability to build positive, productive relationships with both faculty and students.

·         Ability to organize work, set priorities, meet deadlines, and follow up on assignments with minimal direction.

·         Able to analyze, integrate and interpret data from various sources such as library circulation data and current trends in education, in order to lead curriculum and collection development.

·         Able to concentrate and pay close attention to detail with constant breaks in concentration associated with answering student questions.


Information/Application Contact:

La Salle High School

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