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Director of Evangelization and Faith Formation (DELF)

St. John Eudes Parish

Posted 9/9/2019 until 11/26/2019



The Director of Evangelization and Lay Formation is a member of the Pastoral Team. As an Archdiocesan employee who models a Catholic lifestyle, the director of evangelization and lay formation:

1.      Assists, and partners with the Pastor in fostering a culture of evangelization.

2.      Collaborates on the direction and assists the entire parish community in fostering a culture of evangelization by helping to shape a clear vision of intentional discipleship and integrating our parish mission into all facets of parish life.

                    3.        More recent advances in the understanding of the New Evangelization have shifted emphasis towards  the spiritual sources of gospel living.   Therefore, it is anticipated that this position:

                                     Manifests appreciation of interior spirituality and contemplative listening.  

4.      Supervises and directs all formation staff and formation ministry leaders.​ 



The following tasks are considered essential functions of the position. To perform the job successfully an employee must possess the abilities and aptitude to perform each duty proficiently.

1. Articulate a vision of intentional discipleship within the parish community

a.      Embody a life-bearing spirituality drawing from the source of divine intimacy.

b.      Study sources in church documents, Scripture, culture, and other resources related to evangelization.

c.       Collaborate with the Pastoral Team in selecting pathway experiences and determining objectives for those experiences based on the stages of our pathway to intentional discipleship.

d.      Assist Pastor and Associate pastor in communicating the vision and mission of the parish.

e.      Provide structures and strategies for parish leadership as it relates to evangelization: staff, councils, committees, teams, etc.

f.        Assist parish community in evaluating the effectiveness of initiatives by helping leaders to discern spiritual fruit/conversion.

g.      Provide discernment on areas of spiritual growth and the future direction of the parish, as it relates toward fostering a culture of evangelization in the parish.

h.      Partner with pastoral team members in aligning their ministries around our parish vision and mission.

i.        Establish and manage the budget for pathway experiences.

j.        Work jointly in developing and reviewing job descriptions, and the hiring process of the formation staff to ensure integration of parish vision and mission.

k.       Provide formation to staff, councils, ministry leaders, and parishioners on the parish vision and mission, through retreats, evenings of reflection, or staff meetings.

l.        Guide the parish, as a whole, in calling our parish into common apostolic initiatives ensuring that the objectives of pathway experiences encompass all three stages of the pathway of intentional discipleship.

m.    Prepare and form speakers for parish formation experiences.

n.      Design/select materials for pathway experiences.

o.      Participate in the pastoral team, staff, and pastoral council meetings.

2. Structures supporting evangelizing cultural change

a.      Cultivates small communities that find their source from an experience of divine intimacy.

b.      Form smaller evangelization processes within the parish community for all stages of the pathway to intentional discipleship.

c.       Call forth and form individuals for offering evangelization processes.

d.      Form Small Group Facilitators for parish pathway experiences.

e.      Coordinate & Facilitate the evangelization processes of the parish community.

f.        Displays cultural sensitivities and appreciates richness in diversity

3. Kerygma & Lay Formation

a.      Cultivate mentors that source from divine intimacy. Form mentors who can assist others in becoming mature disciples & apostles.

b.      Form others in proclaiming the kerygma through one-on-one relationships, in small group settings, and in larger parish gatherings.

c.       Assist parishioners in sharing their personal story of conversion.

d.      Identify the specific formational needs of individuals to guide them toward appropriate parish-based formational opportunities.

e.      Offer the three components of the Called & Gifted (Workshop, Interviewers, and small Discernment Groups) on an annual basis.

f.        Network with the larger community in assisting individuals in utilizing their charisms in the secular world and ministry opportunities.

4. Supervision of Formation Staff & Formation Ministry Leaders

a.      Establish job descriptions and facilitate the hiring process for formation staff.

b.      Hire and terminate formation staff as appropriate.

c.       Manage personnel records, performance appraisals, and termination process.

d.      Inform staff of legal responsibilities and protections.

e.      Set and communicate formation and youth ministry office schedules.

f.        Establish office procedures and job aids, and supervise assignments.

g.      Supervise, coach, counsel, and oversee annual performance of all formation staff.

h.      Encourage and enable professional development.

i.        Establish formation procedures.

j.        Oversee the coordination of the calendar and facilities for all formation leaders.

k.       Oversee identifying and ordering of formation material.

l.        Oversee the registration of participants in formational experiences.

m.    Oversee the collection of fees.

n.      Promote and enforce facilities guidelines.

o.      Ensure safe environment for learners.

p.      Employ diocesan & church document guidelines.

q.      Guide ministries in recognizing and receiving the support they need to carry out the apostolic initiatives of their ministry.

r.       Advise ministry leaders in calling forth the charisms within our parish community.

5. Administer the budget for Formation Ministries

a.      Forecast income and expenses.

b.      Set fees

c.       Prepare, communicate, and monitor the budget.


6. Assist Directors of Family Formation & Youth Ministry

a.      Partner with directors in calling forth and forming leaders.

b.      Assist directors in building community.

c.       Collaborate with directors in forming leaders in understanding their role.

d.      Support directors in their assignment of leaders in their ministry roles.

e.      Assist directors in fulfilling diocesan guidelines.

f.        Partner with directors in fulfilling their role to oversee, manage, and implement Safeguarding the Children Policies (given to Virtus coordinator).

7. Pursue professional development

a.      Develop and implement professional growth plan.

b.      Nourish spiritual life.

c.       Attend workshops/seminars/conferences.


Compensation & Recruitment

Compensation will be commensurate with position, skills and experience.  Send letter of interest and resume to


Information/Application Contact:

St. John Eudes Catholic Church
ATTN: Fr. David Ayotte
9901 Mason Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Information/Application Contact:

St. John Eudes Parish
9901 Mason Avenue
Chatsworth, CA CA 91311
FAX: 818-882-4326
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