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Metropolitan Tribunal: Free Online Course, “How to Navigate the Annulment Process,” Now Available

Date: Monday, February 3, 2014
From: Archdiocese of Los Angeles Priority: Normal

The Metropolitan Tribunal has an online course, “How to Navigate the Annulment Process,” for parishioners who may be considering approaching the Tribunal about a prior marriage.  This short, online course (free and open to the public) will introduce people to the annulment process, in which people (already civilly divorced) approach the Marriage Tribunal and inquire about the possibility of receiving a declaration of nullity.  Starting with a theological foundation for the Tribunal's ministry, this course will then explore the parts of a formal trial, introduce terms used, answer frequently-asked questions, and offer guidance for working with Tribunal staff who are assigned to the cases.  It also includes a sample brief, so people can see the personal aspects of the final report. 

The Moodle software used for the creation of this course prefers the use of the Firefox browser.  Google Chrome is also acceptable.  It does not favor use of Internet Explorer.  The course can be accessed at:

Upon first accessing the link, you will need to accept the Archdiocese’s site policy.  Use both the inside and outside scroll bars and, when ready, accept the terms of use.  Once that is done, you will be taken to the login screen.  On the left hand side of the page, there will be fields for username and password; ignore those and do not fill in anything.  Just click on the “Login as a guest” button.  That takes you into the course.

To navigate while in the course, there are “breadcrumbs” on the top of each page, a navigation path showing how you got to the point you are at.  It starts with “Home – Courses – Archdiocesan Catholic Center (Los Angeles) – Tribunal – Annulment Process” and then goes into the topic you are currently in.  You just need to click on the words “Annulment Process” when you complete (or want to leave) a topic and return to the main page.  (“Annulment Process” is also on a square at the bottom of each page.  You can use that too to return to the main page.)  Within each topic, there may be multiple pages.  They can be seen on the right hand panel, entitled “Table of Contents.”  You can click on the desired item.  You need not access topics in sequential order; you can skip around.
For questions about the ministry of the Tribunal, please contact Sr. Mary Domnic Jones, S.N.D., at (213) 637-7204 or at:

For questions about the course, please contact Ms. Eileen E. O’Brien of the Operations Department at (213) 637-7618 or at:

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