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Action Alert: Immigration Reform

The United States is an immigrant nation.  Our country was built by immigrants — families who came here seeking freedom to practice their religion, to make an honest living, and to pursue the happiness that comes only with virtues on which this country was founded. Immigrants, in every generation, have given this country its greatness.

Immigration has been a part of the growth and economic social vitality of our nation and developed nations worldwide.  Sadly, the U.S. immigration system is broken.  Our nation’s failure to address the immigration issue has led to a persistent air of crisis and a true humanitarian tragedy causing fear and division in our communities and separating families, which hurts the most innocent and vulnerable, our children.

This is a pivotal moment in the debate for comprehensive immigration reform.  It is important that we remind members of Congress, our elected representatives, of our nation’s immigrant roots and the great contributions of immigrants to our society.  It is important to convey to them that our nation and its people need and want immigration reform.  

Please use the legislator finder on this page to share your immigrant story with your legislator and help them to understand that action is needed on immigration reform. Please urge your representative to stop the deportations that are separating fathers and mothers from their children and pass immigration reform to fix our broken immigration system. Tell them that we are praying for them so that God may give them the wisdom and courage to help immigrant families and children who have come to pursue the American dream.


  1. Help show your U.S. Senators and Representatives that Catholics and other supporters of immigrants want our elected officals to enact meaningful and compassionate reform legislation. Reach them through an easy to use Online Postcard to Congress through Justice for Immigrants.

  2. Call, e-mail or write your representatives immediately. When contacting them, use this simple text: 

    "Dear U.S. Senator or Representative: As a
    constituent and a Catholic, I am asking that you please to enact meaningful and compassionate reform legislation.

    (see writing tips or personalize and mail the template letter)

    Be sure to include your name and address.

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Contact your Represenative Today
Contact your Represenative Today

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