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Action Alert: "No" on Senate Bill 131

BREAKING NEWS: On August 21, 2013, SB 131 passed the Assembly Appropriations Committe. SB 131 is now headed to the full Assembly for a floor vote as early as this Monday, August 26.  Please contact your representatives immediatelly to stop this vote.  


  1. Call, e-mail or write your representative immediately. Write them instantly
    with our easy to use Online Form.
  2. When contacting them, use this simple text: 

    "Dear Assembly Member: As a
    constituent and a Catholic, I am asking that
    you please Vote No on SB-131. The bill does not protect children; it unfairly
    targets Catholic and private schools; and it will put the educational and
    social work of the Church at risk."
    (see writing tips or personalize and mail the template letter)

  3. Be sure to include your name and address.
  4. Sign-up for Archbishop Gomez’s E-Mail list and follow him on Facebook; join the Catholic Legislative Network

"No" on SB 131: 

Archbishop Gomez is asking all Catholics to contact their Assembly members and Senators and urge them to vote “No” on Senate Bill 131. Simply tell your elected officials to vote “No” because this legislation fails to protect all victims of childhood sexual abuse, discriminates against Catholic schools and other private employers, and puts the social services and educational work of the Church at risk. The Bishops of the California Catholic Conference believe it is urgent for all Catholics to act now.

The facts about SB131:

  1. Senate Bill 131, now before the California Legislature, would suspend for one year a deadline (called a “statute of limitations”) to give childhood sexual abuse victims the chance to sue their abusers’ employers for damages resulting from their abuse.
  2. SB-131 is not good legislation because it does not protect all children.  Children who were abused by public school teachers or other public employees are specifically not protected by SB 131. That means this legislation offers no protection for the 92 percent of California’s children who attend public schools or for children in foster care or in other public settings.
  3. SB-131 unfairly targets only Catholic-run and other private institutions because it only allows lawsuits against private schools and organizations and specifically exempts public schools and other public institutions. The sexual abuse of children is a social reality. It is not limited to  private institutions. Any legislation that seeks to deal with this grave problem should be applied to protect victims in all institutions in society — public and private— equally.
  4. SB-131 does nothing to increase penalties against the actual abusers of children. The bill allows for monetary damages to be imposed on private employers. But it does not impose any civil or criminal penalties on the perpetrator.

For more information on SB 131, click here.

Contact your Represenative Today


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