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Resources for Faithful Citizenship
Faithful Citizenship

Catholics have a religious and moral obligation to be faithful citizens. We carry out this duty in many ways — by running for political office; by working within political parties; by communicating our concerns and positions to our elected officials; and by joining Church and community organizations that seek justice and the common good in society.
On these pages, you will find resources to help you form your conscience in light of Catholic teaching and become better informed about issues of importance to the Catholic community.


“We know that God is One and God is Love. And we know that every human life begins as a thought of love in the mind of God.

So every life is precious and every life is sacred — the child in her mother’s womb; the person who is disabled; the one who is old or sick; the homeless, the criminal, the immigrant and refugee.

Nothing can separate any of us from the love of God! Not health or wealth.
Not our “status” in society. We are all God’s children!”

                                                                      — Archbishop José H. Gomez

Action Alert:
Urge State Assembly to Vote NO on SB 320: Creating Abortion Fund for Students Violates Choice, Undermines Students’ Needs

Senate Bill 320 would create a fund for abortions on UC, CSU, and other campuses in California. Voice your opposition to SB 320 today! 

1. Sign the Petition
Email your State Assembly Member to voice your opposition at

2. Call your State Assembly Member
Visit to find your state assembly member and make a phone call. If you can, make a legislative visit and use these talking points in our SB 320 Leave Behind for Legislators SB 320 Leave Behind for Legislators

3. Educate Yourself on These Talking Points 
As pro-life people, we know that abortion ends the life of an innocent child. This is our primary motivation for opposing this bill. But many of our legislators support abortion and will not change their minds overnight. To win a pro-life victory, we must speak their language. Many legislators believe on-campus abortions are necessary for disadvantaged women to finish their education. We know this is not true. There are no lack of abortion providers in CA if women are looking for abortion. Instead, colleges and universities should be assisting women who want to raise their kids and need support to achieve their educational goals.  SB 320 Fact Sheet​

4. Urge Your Parishioners to Raise Their Voices on this Legislation
Take advantage of our sample bulletin insert to involve your parish in opposing this bill. 
Download the sample bulletin insert​​

5. Share this excellent piece in The Daily Clout
"Requiring state college health centers to stock medication abortion is not the answer. Tangible support, including housing and child care, empowers women -- especially poor and minority women -- at a critical life juncture and allows them to make a true choice, not one driven by a lack of options."

6. Share the Title IX Rights of Pregnant Students
No student can be discriminated against because of pregnancy or parenthood. Schools are required to accommodate them by providing flexible class schedules, time off for doctor's visits and labor, make-up exam times and more. Make sure that the college students you know are familiar with the Title IX rights of pregnant and parenting students. 60% of UC and CSU schools do not describe the Title IX rights of pregnant students on their website, even though they are protected.
Download a Fact Sheet on Title IX Rights of Pregnant Students

7. Encourage Students to Raise Their Voices
We especially need the voices of college students to fight this bill. If you know female college students, pregnant or parenting students, or alumni who parented during college, please put them in touch with We will train them to speak with legislators, engage with media and write op-eds for their school newspapers.
Students can also have a huge impact by:

  • Hosting a pregnant and parenting student forum
  • Meeting with their Title IX Coordinator about the needs of pregnant and parenting students
  • Meeting with their student health center about supporting pregnant and parenting students
  • Meeting with the dean of students to voice their opposition and concerns to this bill
  • Contacting their UC or CSU chancellors to share their concerns and opposition
  • Posting flyers about Title IX rights of students on campus ​


Parish & School Resources

Districts & Representatives: Find your elected officials

Elected Officials are listed below by district number and name.  Click on the name for more information on your district.  Don't know representative? Use our online address search page to find your elected officials.

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