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 Why choose a Catholic Cemetery

The Cemetery, like the parish church and school, is a vital part of Catholic life. There is a Catholic Cemetery or Mausoleum located within convenient reach of every Catholic family in the Archdiocese.

We proclaim through our ministry, as an extension of the parish:

  • the sacredness of the human body
  • the virtue of hope through a belief in the resurrection of the dead
  • our dedication to strengthening the faith of the family as Church

"Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again!"

The final expression of our faith as Catholics is the blessed and sacred burial in a Catholic cemetery. It is our opportunity to rest among fellow believers, awaiting the resurrection to life everlasting in union with God.

Burial in a Catholic Cemetery is an act of reverence and respect for the body which has housed our soul during our life in fellowship with Christ.

Heavenly glory is the destiny for which God intends us. Death is not the end, but a rite of passage to eternal life, to full union with God.

It is the sacred right, privilege and loving duty of every Catholic to choose such a burial. The reverence and devotion bestowed upon the body of the departed Christians are founded upon the doctrine of the resurrection of the body, according to which the body is destined, with the soul to enjoy eternal happiness in heaven. As the temple of the Holy Spirit, it is fitting that it be honorably and reverently buried in a safe and becoming place set aside for the interment and entombment of the faithful.

Death inevitably brings with it feelings of loss and sadness for family and friends. During this time of grief, unexpected pressures can often result in hasty decisions which may be contrary to the faith and wishes of the deceased.

Heavenly glory is the destiny for which God intends us. We are taught that death is not the end, but a rite of passage to eternal life, to full union with God.

Catholic cemeteries, as a responsibility of the Church, assure loving and respectful care that can be expected to endure long after that of cemeteries under private or commercial auspices.

Our Catholic cemeteries and mausoleums are maintained with all the care the Church can provide. The beautiful surroundings pay tribute to those who have been laid to rest, and give a sense of peace to family and friends.

Our Cemeteries are a place of devotion and prayer for the souls of the departed, serving Catholics and non-Catholic members of Catholic families. Catholic Cemeteries alone provide full Catholic burial services.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic Cemeteries Department is comprised of 11 active cemetery locations within the five pastoral regions and the Crypt Mausoleum of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

Many of our Cemeteries have mortuary facilities located within the cemetery grounds. These mortuaries are operated by Catholic Mortuaries, a subsidiary of Stewart Enterprises, Inc.

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