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 About In-Ground Burial

Frequently asked questions:

Is there a time limit after a death for a person to be buried?

States have different laws; some limit the maximum time before final disposition. Things that must be considered: securing official permits and authorizations, notifying friends and family, preparation of the burial site and religious requirements. Your funeral director will be well-versed on the regulations.

What about embalming -- is it required?

No. Embalming is a matter of choice, not required. Your decision will be influenced by several factors: 1. length of time between death and burial; 2. to enhance the deceased's appearance in an open casket for public viewing or private viewing by family members; 3. transportation of the body by plane or train.

What are interment fees?

Fees for interment cover the cost of many separate services performed by cemetery personnel. They include administering and permanent record keeping -- we determine ownership, obtain permission and compete all other necessary documents, enter the interment details in the interment register, and maintain all legal files. The fees also include actually opening and closing the grave -- we locate and lay out the boundaries of the grave, excavate and fill the space. We also install and remove the lowering device, place and remove artificial grass and cocoa-matting at the grave site, level, tamp, re-grade and sod the grave site, and level and re-sod it if the earth settles.

What is a burial vault?

A burial vault is the outside container into which the casket itself is placed. It is designed to protect the casket and keep the grave surface from sinking in. Burial vaults vary -- they can be built of one or more of these materials: concrete, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, bronze, plastic and fiberglass.

What's the difference between a lawn crypt and a double depth burial space?

A lawn crypt is pre-set. A double depth burial space is set at the time of death.

May I make the necessary arrangements in advance?

Yes. You can make all arrangements in advance. Plan ahead lets you consider the options you prefer. As an informed consumer, you can make the decisions about your funeral, your cemetery arrangements and the kind of memorial you want. They will be meaningful decisions that will give you peace of mind, knowing that you have relieved your loved ones of the emotional and financial burden of having to make decisions at a time of mourning. It's also a wise economic choice, because you purchase at today's prices, free from future inflationary pressures.

When I buy a grave, do I receive a deed?

No. The purchase of a grave is really a purchase of the right to designate who may be buried in that grave, and what kind of memorial you want -- subject to what the cemetery's rules permit. You're not really purchasing the grave itself -- that remains the property and responsibility of the cemetery.

What is care and maintenance?

Care and maintenance income -- a portion of the purchase price contributed to a special fund -- provides for regular care and maintenance of the cemetery, which can include mowing, regarding, planting and maintaining trees, water supply system maintenance, roads, drainage and more. The minimum amount that can be contributed to the fund is usually legally mandated.

In-Ground Burial Products

From the time you enter the grounds our cemetery, you will see the perfect blending of natural and man-made beauty. Each section of the cemetery is beautifully themed and identified by a fitting centerpiece. Whether you choose a religious theme, or one based on an attribute such as hope, peace or forgiveness, it will make a lasting statement about the values you deemed important in life.

This beautiful design concept grew from a philosophy developed in the 19th century that believed cemeteries should reflect a closeness to nature, therefore a greater closeness to God.

Individual and family lots are available throughout our grounds. Lawn-level solid bronze memorials, which can be personalized, provide a distinctive remembrance.

When selecting traditional ground burial for interment, there are three basic components: the grave, the memorial and the burial vault. All are available directly through the cemetery.

Graves range in price by location or section. Grave selections are available at many of our Catholic Cemeteries.

Memorials are all installed level with the lawn. An exception would be an "upright" memorial allowed in specially designated sections of the cemetery. All memorials within our cemeteries are bronze or granite. We are proud to offer the finest selection of bronze and granite memorials in the United States.

Burial vaults serve to maintain the grave and to protect the casket. The cemetery offers a basic, sealing vault that meets our requirements, and vaults with liners which afford greater protection to the casket. Either concrete vault can be selected when pre-arranging your cemetery needs.

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