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 Newlyweds 101


Newlyweds 101

A 6-week program to enhance every newlywed’s marriage
One Friday a month starting January 22, 2016
Newlyweds 101: A God Centric Enrichment Program is a program designed to help newly married couples adjust to their new lives together.  We go to school for 12, 16, sometimes 20 or more years to hone our skills and profession, so why don’t we invest in our relationships that are meant to last a lifetime?
Newlyweds 101 will allow spouses to look back at their lives since childhood in order to gain a much better understanding on how they and their spouses approach life. Spouses will learn how to apply tools and techniques to continue growing in their lives and in love for each other.
Join us!!
Catholic couples married for 5 years or less.
One Friday a month starting January 22, 2016, for 6 months, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Dates are: 1/22/16, 2/26/16, 3/18/16, 4/22/16, 5/20/16, 6/24/16
St. Basil Church, 637 S. Kingsley  Dr. Los Angeles, CA  90005
You’ll certainly get the most out of the program by attending all the sessions, but you may join at any time. Snacks and Drinks will be provided.
Session 1 | Family of Origin: Rediscovering Yourself (1/22/16)
Does your husband always leave the bed unmade? Does your wife like eating in front of the TV while you prefer the dinner table? Wondering why there is tinsel on your Christmas tree? Our family of origin – the family we grew up in – is where we learned to be who we are, how to communicate and how to behave. By reexamining the different patterns of behavior you bring from your Family of Origin, you can better understand your spouse and build your new family.
Session 2 | Communication: Understanding Your Style (2/26/16)
Do you find yourself saying, “I’m fine” even when you’re upset? Does your husband have trouble expressing his feelings? Understanding the different ways you and your spouse choose to communicate is crucial to a happy marriage. Learning different techniques and tools to become more effective at expressing your thoughts, ideas and concerns can help you through the emotional ups and downs of married life.
Session 3 | Communication: Conflict Resolution (3/18/16)
“Let’s talk about this.” “Let’s sleep on it.” Do you and your spouse deal with conflict differently? Becoming aware of the ways in which you enter and resolve conflict with your spouse can help you learn to argue constructively and with compassion and love.
Session 4 | Finances: Understanding Money Management (4/22/16)
Do J.Crew packages keep mysteriously appearing on your doorstep? Not sure why you’re husband is the highest bidder on every vintage watch on eBay? Lease or buy? Everyone has a different outlook when it comes to handling finances. Sharing these ideas with your spouse helps to create a common financial goal so you can enjoy your hobbies and spend your money in a responsible way.
Session 5 | Intimacy: Understanding Your Partner (5/20/16)
Do you break into the Beatles “I wanna hold your hand” every time you see your wife? Intimacy means different things to different people. Truly understanding and being open to your spouse’s need for affection, comfort, camaraderie and intimacy makes for a grounded, joyful marriage.
Session 6 | Spirituality: Becoming More God Centric (6/24/16)
Do you pray with and for your spouse? Understanding that God is, and must remain, the center of your marriage is the only path to truly living out your vows to one another and the only way to strive for and lead a sacramental life. Making an effort to focus on Jesus is the key to the abundance God intended for us in marriage.
Register for you and your spouse by emailing
Suggested donation: $20 (At the door)
Happy to help! Just contact the coordinator:
Candy Metoyer


We were in our first year of marriage and we weren't sure how to compromise on or navigate through family or day to day marital concerns. It was literally by the Grace of God this program came into our lives to make so many things in our new covenant so clear. Each month we were able to grow closer stronger in Christ and in our marriage to make it a much smoother and happier marriage. Now, we feel like almost pros and we have such a healthier and stronger marriage in God. We still return to the lessons we learned and are forever grateful. It's a must-do for all newlyweds.
~ Max and Amanda

The classes have helped us tremendously. Choosing as a couple to keep our marriage centered on God and choosing to keeping it a sacred institution increased our faith in us.
We learned so much from the classes and the other couples!
~ Nicolette and Alejandro


We felt that the Marriage Enrichment classes did just that.... enrich our love for one another. Learning and re-learning about one another and putting into perspective how our family origin plays a HUGE part in really understanding the how's and why's in our lives as a couple and separately.
We were amazed at how many couples were there attending the classes.  Everyone was so welcoming and right away we felt a connection with the people there.
Thanks again Melissa and Josh and to the church and amazing guest speakers. We hope to be back!
~ Robert & Ottilie

Most of us expect our first year of marriage to be an extension of our honeymoon, but merging your life with someone can be complicated.  Newlyweds 101 helped us navigate that first year together. The program helped us strengthen our marriage, improve our communication, and become closer to God. We loved learning more about each other’s past and family of origin. I never realized just how much my behavior and beliefs about marriage were impacted by the way I grew up.  It was eye opening.  It also helped us to be more understanding, patient, and loving with each other.  
The Newlyweds 101 program is an amazing opportunity to deepen your relationship and connect with other couples who understand exactly what you’re going through.  We’ve made friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime.    
~ Fran & Ann

Newlyweds 101 is one of the best things we have done for our marriage – it’s our date night! Nine months into our marriage we were the first couple to walk in at the first session in January 2012. We've been coming ever since. What we love is to be able to hear stories about other couples, newlyweds like we are, and couples 30 and 40 years into their marriage. It's great to be around so many couples who also have faith at the center of their relationship, and every session has a different topic that is really important to our relationship and builds upon the last.

Marriage Enrichment is a beautiful experience that has helped shape the husband and wife and now Mommy and Daddy that we want to be.  We hope that as many people as possible can take this amazing journey with us.

~ Ronnie and JoAnn
a, Married April 16, 2011
Our story is a bit unconventional than most Catholic couples but that's part of what makes it beautiful. The fact that we found our faith a little backwards than some truly shows the greatness of God and his involvement in our family. 
We met in H.S., started living together a few years later, had our first daughter and bought a house. Although we had made such great strides in our lives, something was missing, something bigger. Being raised Catholic, we were called back to our beautiful faith. Listening to the word of God, we seemed to be pointed towards the path of marriage. We married through civil law and planned on getting married in the church when we could afford more. We still had a long way to come from that point. Of course, having another child and a house payment- there never was the point of "extra money". Continuing to listen to our faith, we decided it was time to "make it good with God". We wanted our marriage recognized and blessed through the church. Enough time was enough.
Although we had been together for 10 years by that point, we still had our married life struggles. We weren't used to making joint decisions and discussing expenses with each other. Let alone talking about how to raise our children. Catholic or public? Pink or purple? Discipline? Dinners? Free time? All of these issues arising and only being complicated by an eternal commitment we had both made. There was no turning back, till death do us part. Like another message from  above, we saw in our parish bulletin a new program for newly wed couples, Marriage Enrichment. We decided to give it a try... After all, if it wasn't for us, at least we would've gotten a date night.
We missed the first course, called expecting to be told to leave our contact information for next year. We were treated with nothing but open arms and love. Candy welcomed us to join the second session and made us feel like nothing less than family. When we arrived that night we were early and were greeted with open arms, smiles, and love. As people arrived they were greeted the same way. It was truly family.
Session after session we all grew closer to each other. Every couple, presenter, team couples, we got to know each other, grew more open with each other and truly became the support group for a newly wed couple. We were all going through the same issues, presenter couples who had the knowledge of years of marriage had been through the same issues as well. We were not struggling alone, and our issues were not isolated but most importantly, we learned that God is as big a part of our marriage as we are to each other. Each session we prayed, we asked Him to be with us. And in each session He was.
We learned that couples had issues to resolve involving finances, intimacy, communication... By hearing the experiences of "veteran" couples who had been through it and new couples who were struggling with it we were given the strength to deal with and resolve our own issues. Not only because we wanted to make it work- but because now we knew that God was with us, and He wanted us to make it too. And so did our wonderful new family we had just been adopted into.
We were so blessed with having been introduced to such a wonderful support group and have had the opportunity to meet such wonderful people. We came back for a second year and each time we walked away with something greater. Greater faith, greater knowledge, and a greater community. Because let's face it, whether it's just you and your forever partner or you and 6 others, it takes a village, which the Marriage Encounter team is more than happy to be part of!
~ Suzy and Elliott


"It’s a must-do for all newlyweds"

"We learned so much from the classes and the other couples!"

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