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All clergy, paid parish/school personnel and volunteers who work regularly in a supervisory role with children or youth must be fingerprinted.  For more information, call us at: (213) 637-7680


The Volunteer and Paid Personnel Information Network (VPIN) database maintains records of fingerprinting, training and other requirements. 



Fingerprinting Schedule & Locations

The following are updated monthly schedules offering dates, hours, and addresses of fingerprinting locations in all five regions in our Archdiocese.  Phone numbers are included with each site to schedule an appointment with fingerprinting. 

(Click on the blue file name below to download. Forms are provided in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.  Download Acrobat Reader for Free.)

Please often check the schedule a week prior to your fingerprinting date.  Schedule may change a week in advance.  Using an Ipad/tablet/smartphone may not completely allow you to view the rest of documents. 

Please remember that each site now has duplicate forms that the applicant can fill out on site.  One copy is kept by the operator and one is for the applicant’s record as a proof of compliance.
Appointments are still necessary to facilitate a smooth operation in the field.  We appreciate that every parish and ministry wants to cooperate fully with Archdiocesan policies in providing a safe environment and we are aware that appointments can be difficult to find because the schedules fill up rapidly.  Please emphasize the importance of keeping an appointment or calling in advance to cancel so that others can be given the opportunity to be fingerprinted. 

We thank you in advance for your patience as we move towards our common goal:  protecting the faithful of the future.

 Fingerprinting Schedule & Locations

APRIL 2016 CALENDAR 11x17.pdf
How to Use the Applicant Questionnaire
(This is not the Application for Live Scan Service Form)
1.       Download the Applicant Questionnaire located below and save it.  This fillable PDF will be used as a base template from which to build the applicants personal questionnaire.
2.       You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to run the Applicant Questionnaire.  Run it, answer the question, and fill in the applicant’s demographic and personal information.  Please enter the information via the computer to as it speeds the back-end processing by generating barcode .   Do not print the form and answer it from a hardcopy.  The questionnaire should generate a barcode on page two.
3.       Save the filled Applicant Questionnaire using the applicant's last name first name and email it to
4.       The Fingerprinting Department is committed to returning a filled Live Scan Request Form as quickly as possible.  The normal turnaround should be less than an hour.  This would allow the applicant to wait to receive the Live Scan Request Form.  Once completed we will email the Live Scan Request (LSR) Form back to you.
5.       Print out the email form and give it to the applicant for fingerprinting.  Once the applicant has been fingerprinted, then he/she must return a copy of the signed LSR Form to you.
6.       Scan the copy into your computer and email it to the Fingerprinting Department.  We will enter the information into the VPIN database with the correct status.
7.       Once the DOJ clears the background check on the person, VPIN will be updated to reflect the correct status.

 Fingerprinting Forms

Applicant Questionnaire R03072016.pdf
Fingerprinting Department Contacts 
Dn. John Barry, Manager         email:  Office: (213) 637-7680
Joel Avenido, Administrator     email:   Office: (213) 637-7608
Wilton Perez, Coordinator        email:    Office:  (213) 637-7411
Oscar Lopez, Assistant               email:    Office:  (213) 637-7337 

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