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To download the App for Life video for use at parish screenings, please click here.

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Prayer is THE best way to save lives...
There is a 24 - 48 hour time frame when a woman decides whether to keep or terminate her pregnancy.  Options United's mobile app is designed to send you an urgent prayer alert, asking for your prayers and sacrifice right at the crucial moment, so as to win graces for the mother and child in need. 
The Options United App lists services such as free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and post-abortion healing. App users, including friends and relatives of expectant mothers, are also just a click away to send a call for prayers to support pregnant women and girls in their decisions. As more and more people
use this app across the country, we will be able to build a culture of life, one action alert at a time...
On the 41st anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, Archbishop José H. Gomez, joined by health leaders, mothers and their children launched the digital App designed to offer prayers, resources and support for thousands of women and girls nationwide in crisis pregnancies.
"No woman should ever face a pregnancy feeling alone, or desperate, or like she has no other options. These are our sisters. We cannot be indifferent to their fears. We need to be near to them, to help them in every way that we can. Please click to download this Options United app that allows you to pray for expectant mothers in Los Angeles and connect them to practical support."
Archbishop José H. Gomez
January 22, 2014
The southern California region of the App includes 78 pregnancy centers in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and neighboring dioceses that include the following counties: Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside and Imperial counties. People, pregnancy centers and pro-life resources nationwide are invited to register through
Take part!
Go to and register.  Once you register or download as an app, sign up your church, local pregnancy center and school.  For more information email
You can begin saving lives today!
Launch the App for LIFE 
at your parish
​The App for LIFE is not another parish program!  Instead, it is a tool of the New Evangelization that can be used to enhance the prayer and service already existing in a parish.  It is a tool that unites users in prayer throughout the day and in an online community where they can visibly see all of the other app users offering prayer at the same time.
How can we “launch” the App for LIFE in our parish?  Everything you need is above:  leaders’ guide, announcements, flyers, bulletin inserts.  Take a look now, then join one of the conference calls to hear more and answer your questions.
Is the App for LIFE more technology than you are comfortable using?  If it is, ask someone else in your parish, prayer group or prolife organization to be on the conference call instead.  Together, we can build unity through prayer for LIFE!
Thank you for all the great work you do each day to build a Culture of LIFE in your community.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


Take Part!  Go to
and register. Once you register or download as an app, sign up your church, local pregnancy center and school. You can begin saving lives today! 
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