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 CBI Course of Studies

Participants may join the course any year in December, starting either with the Old Testament Year or the New Testament Year. After completing both the OT and NT years, those in the certificate program will enter the Practicum Year. After the completion of the three years, participants in the certificate program graduate. 

Old Testament Year includes an introduction to the Old Testament and an overview of the following themes: Exodus, Covenant, Primeval History, Patriarchs, Prophets, Historical Writings, Deutero-canonical Writings, Exile and Rebuilding, Wisdom Literature and Hebrew theology. 

New Testament Year includes an introduction to the New Testament, and an overview of the following: Mark, Matthew, Luke, Acts, John, Pauline theology, Pastoral letters, the Book of Revelation, and New Testament theology.

Practicum Year is a year for those in the certificate program. The focus is on developing skills for working with scripture in group situations at a parish level, with particular attention devoted to adult learning styles and skills. Participants demonstrate their leadership skills through a supervised presentation of a scripture program using the knowledge, skills, and tools acquired in the Bible Institute.

CBI learning methodology:

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