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 ORE Regional Office: Our Lady of the Angels


Welcome to the ORE Regional Office site for

Bienvenidos a la página de la oficina de Educación Religiosa de la Región Pastoral de Nuestra Señora de Los Ángeles​   


Save the Date:

Our 2018 OLA Regional Congress will take place on              Saturday, October 20, 2018

at St. Mary's Academy 701 GraceAve
Inglewood, CA 90301   

Nuestro Congreso Regional se llevara a cabo el
Sábado, Octubre 20, 2018
 This is an annual, 1-day event, that offers attendees the opportunity to attend workshops that are not only enjoyable and challengind but help them grow in their knowledge of the Catholic Faith, to deepen their spirituality, to increase their catechetical, liturgical, and leadership skills, and to be challenged by a variety of current topics and knowledgeable presenters. There is something for everyone! The cost for the day is $35 per person.
Group rates are also available.
Este evento anual de un día ofrece oportunidades a los participantes para  crecer en su conocimiento de la fe católica, profundizar su espiritualidad, aumentar sus habilidades catequéticas, litúrgicas, y liderazgo, y para ser motivados por una variedad de temas y conferencistas. ¡Hay algo para todos! El costo es $35 por persona. Tambien se ofrece una tarifa para grupos.
"Open the eyes to your heart"
"Abre los ojos de tu
7:00 am – 8:00 am         Pre-registration ticket pick-up/
                                          On-site registrations ~ Inscripciones
8:00 am – 9:00am           Morning Praise ~ Oración de la mañana
9:15 am – 1045 am         Session 1 ~ Sesión 1 Talleres

11:00am                          Liturgy - Liturgia
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm       Lunch/Exhibits ~ Almuerzo/Expositores
1:45pm- 3:15pm            Session 2 - Sesion 2 Talleres

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm         Session 3 ~ Sesión 3 Talleres

This year the Office for Worship will offer a RCIA certification program for all regions. Please click on the link for full details.

Este ano la Oficina de Liturgia ofrecera un programa de certificacion de RICA para todas las regiones. Para mas detalles haga clic en el enlace:


If you have any questions about the congress please contact us at:

Si tiene cual quiera pregunta sobre el congreso por favor comuníquese a:

If you or your Church Group would like to Volunteer in this years Congress please contact us at (310) 216-9587 

Si usted o su grupo de Iglesia quisiera ser voluntarios para el Congreso, por favor llámenos al (310) 216-9587

Congratulations to the 2017 ECSA Award Recipients! 

Felicidades a los elegidos de los premios PESCA 2017     


Berta Calderon - Inmaculada Concepcion
Elsie Dixon - St. Bernadette
Leobina Buentipo - St. Sebastian
Nelson Villaluz - St. Mark

Please click on the link below to submit your nomination for the 2018 ECSA Award
Excellence in Catechetical Service Awards.pdfExcellence in Catechetical Service Awards.pdf
Porfavor meta su nominacion en el enlace para el 2018 premio PESCA


  • ​Click on the  *Fingerprinting Schedule at the top right corner of this page to download the current month's schedule 
PCL Meetings

C3 Tech Conference
C3TC18 Registration Flyer ACES.pdfC3TC18 Registration Flyer ACES.pdf
2018 C3 Tech Conference Workshop Proposal Form FINAL (002).pdf2018 C3 Tech Conference Workshop Proposal Form FINAL (002).pdf

Masses and Retreats
8-30 Edith clr.pdf8-30 Edith clr.pdf

Adult Confirmation Class
Adult Confirmation Classes begin take place at the beggining of the year. Please fill out a registration form with your home Parish.

Las clases solamente seran en ingles.

Immigration Information & Assistance
The offices of Catholic Charities and SALEF are holding informative meetings and workshops on the new immigration laws affecting Central American families.  Please see attachments for details:

Las oficinas de Caridades Catolicas y SALEF tendran reuniones informativas y talleres sobre las nuevas leyes de inmigracion que afectan a las familias centroamericanas. Porfavor vea los volantes adjuntos para detalles:

Catechist Information/Información para Catequistas
What does it mean to become a certified catechist? Check out this link for more details​

For details on recertification, click on the link below:

Para detalles sobre recertificacion, oprima en el enlace:
Formulario de Recertificacion.pdfFormulario de Recertificacion.pdf

Catechist Formation Centers in the Our Lady of the Angels Region
Continuing Education for Catechists
Centro de Formacion Para el Ministerio - St. Lawrence of Bridisi.pdfCentro de Formacion Para el Ministerio - St. Lawrence of Bridisi.pdf

Taller de Formación continua para Catequistas de niños, jóvenes y adultos
Curso Basico de Formación en la Fe
Taller LEONEL YOQUE 2018.pdfTaller LEONEL YOQUE 2018.pdf
Agosto 1, 2, y 3 2018 en San Vicente de Paul Center

Specializations in the Our Lady of the Angels Region
Adult Faith Formation Specialization
Elementary Specialization English Summer 2018.pdfElementary Specialization English Summer 2018.pdf
YM Specialization June 2018.pdfYM Specialization June 2018.pdf

Los Angeles Religious Education Congress - 2019

March 21 (youth day) March 22-24

Follow this link for more information Los Angeles Congress

 Contact Us
Our Lady of the Angels Pastoral Region | Región Pastoral de Nuestra Señora de Los Ángeles
5835 West Slauson Avenue
Culver City, California  90230
(310) 216-9587 office
(310) 215-0749 fax


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2018 C3 Tech Conference Workshop Proposal Form FINAL (002).pdf
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8-30 Edith clr.pdf
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AF - 2018 Annual Silent Directed Retreat Brochure Revision 1.pdf
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C3 Save the Date.pdf
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C3TC18 Registration Flyer ACES.pdf
6/22/2018 11:13 AMAraceli Ramirez
C3TC2017 Registration Flyer.pdf
7/25/2017 1:20 PMAraceli Ramirez
6/23/2017 12:30 PMAraceli Ramirez
Celebration of Cultures Mass.pdf
8/13/2018 11:10 AMAraceli Ramirez
Centro de Formacion Para el Ministerio - St. Lawrence of Bridisi.pdf
6/8/2018 1:02 PMAraceli Ramirez
Elementary Catechesis Flyer.pdf
6/12/2018 10:20 AMAraceli Ramirez
Elementary Specialization English Summer 2018.pdf
6/12/2018 10:19 AMAraceli Ramirez
Elementary Specialization Summer 2018 Flyer.pdf
6/8/2018 1:04 PMAraceli Ramirez
Especializaciónes de Primaria Verano 2018.pdf
6/22/2018 11:17 AMAraceli Ramirez
Evaluation PCL FLYER.pdf
5/8/2018 11:02 AMAraceli Ramirez
Excellence in Catechetical Service Awards.pdf
4/19/2018 1:31 PMAraceli Ramirez
final Spanish SC flyer.pdf
8/13/2018 12:11 PMAraceli Ramirez
Formacion Avanzada2018-19.pdf
6/8/2018 1:09 PMAraceli Ramirez
Formulario de Recertificacion.pdf
6/23/2017 12:40 PMAraceli Ramirez
Group Registration Form.pdf
7/10/2017 11:15 AMAraceli Ramirez
8/19/2016 10:24 AMAraceli Ramirez
5/8/2018 10:55 AMAraceli Ramirez
4/19/2018 1:21 PMAraceli Ramirez
ORE Photo Brochure revise 020317.pdf
2/17/2017 12:42 PMAraceli Ramirez
8/15/2017 1:12 PMAraceli Ramirez
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Poetry and Music.pdf
6/8/2018 12:43 PMAraceli Ramirez
RCIA Speakers.pdf
5/17/2018 1:41 PMAraceli Ramirez
Safe Conversations - Flyer - FINAL.pdf
8/13/2018 12:03 PMAraceli Ramirez
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