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 Families of the Incarcerated

No family wants to see one of its members go off to prison. Mothers and fathers, husbands, brothers, sisters, and children are devastated when their loved one is incarcerated. Families who have a member in prison are a hidden and isolated group.

As they try to deal with every day life on the outside, their fear of stigma means they suffer a silent sentence of their own and their needs to go unnoticed.

Families of the Incarcerated, a program of the Office of Restorative Justice helps the families left behind when a parent has been imprisoned.  The mission of Families of the Incarcerated is to restore our communities to wholeness. 

The program recognizes the individual trauma of mother, father, grandparents, child offender and victim and seeks to redress those traumas. In addition, the program explicitly acknowledges that communities too need to be mended in the aftermath of violence and crime.  Families of the Incarcerated provides:

  • Support to children of incarcerated parents that includes one-on-one mentoring and school-based interventions.
  • Journeys of Hope, a program that provides free bus transportation and support for children and other family members to visit their incarcerated parent/child/family member.  The support provided with this program ensures that ongoing contact and relationships between families, especially children and their parents, are cultivated and maintained.
  • An individual meeting with the families of the incarcerated and provides support groups and Liturgies to these families.  The Families of the Incarcerated Ministry also informs families of social services that will help them, and connects them with other families in their area to let them know they are not alone.
  • A parenting program to guide single parents as they raise their children while their partner is imprisoned.

For more information please call:
Imelda Bermejo
(818) 201-3100

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