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 Protecting Our Children

In a letter to Catholics in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Archbishop José H. Gomez addressed the recent scandals in the Catholic Church in the United States - Re​ad More >>

Overview and Timeline of Archdiocesan Programs and Action for the Protection of Children and Young People - Read More >>​  (Lee más en español)

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Make a report: If you are being abused, have been abused, or know someone who is being abused, you can call Victims Assistance Ministry at (213) 637-7650 or seek help through one of many agencies.  Click for more info.

Programs, Support & Information

  • Megan's Law and the Archdiocese's "Zero Tolerance Policy":
    Please refer to Chapter 9 in our Administrative Handbook. 
  • Reports, Audit Summaries and Statements
    Includes the 2004 Report to the People of God, USCCB Audit Summaries, and the 2013 release of files of clergy.

"Did you Know" Articles:   Are also emailed to Parishes via the ACES accounts.
Did You Know?
Published 5/13/2019

What risks are worth it for children?

In today’s society, parents are often torn between protecting their children, and letting them experience life and even make mistakes.  Safety is vitally important, but there is value in learning from experience and from mistakes, too.  There may be times when parents wonder if they have gone too far in their efforts to safeguard children, perhaps inadvertently rendering them children less prepared to handle real-life situations,  For help in discerning when learning from experience may be appropriate see the VIRTUS® article “Safety vs. Resilience in Childhood.”  For more information, visit

¿Qué riesgos valen la pena para los niños?

En la sociedad actual, los padres de familia a menudo tienen que decidir entre proteger a sus hijos y dejar que ellos experimenten la vida e incluso cometan errores. La seguridad es de vital importancia, pero también es valioso aprender de la experiencia y de los errores. Pueden existir ocasiones en que los padres de familia se pregunten si han ido demasiado lejos en sus esfuerzos de proteger a los niños, seguramente sin desear que sus hijos estén menos preparados para manejar situaciones de la vida real. Para obtener ayuda para discernir cuándo puede ser apropiado aprender de la experiencia, consulte el artículo VIRTUS® “Safety vs. Resilience in Childhood” (Seguridad versus resiliencia en la infancia). Para obtener más información, visite​

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