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 Protecting Our Children


Make a report: If you are being abused, have been abused, or know someone who is being abused, you can call Victims Assistance Ministry at (800) 355-2545 or seek help through one of many agencies.  Click for more info.

Programs, Support & Information
  • Safeguard the Children: 

    Provides ongoing support, education, training and resources to help prevent child sexual abuse and to address children's safety in our parishes, schools, homes and communities. (Includes VIRTUS Training)  Learn More.

  • Victims Assistance Ministry:
    Provides victims/survivors of sexual abuse assistance with reporting sexual misconduct, and helps obtain support for the needs of the individual and families. Learn More.

  • Fingerprinting & V.P.I.N:
    All clergy, paid parish/school personnel and volunteers who work regularly in a supervisory role with children or youth must be fingerprinted.  Information on fingerprinting schedule and locations is published monthly. Learn More.

  • Megan's Law and the Archdiocese's "Zero Tolerance Policy":
    The State of California and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles have adopted rules and policies concerning persons who are registered sex offenders in an effort to enhance the safety of all children and youth.  Learn More.
  • Reports, Audit Summaries and Statements
    Includes the 2004 Report to the People of God, USCCB Audit Summaries, and the 2013 release of files of clergy.

"Did you Know" Articles:   Are also emailed to Parishes via the ACES accounts.
Did You Know?
Published 11/23/2015
Archdiocese implements strict policies for children’s safety
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has implemented rigorous policies and procedures to provide a safe environment in our parishes and parish schools for all children and young people. These include: Zero Tolerance; Guidelines for adults working or volunteering with minors; Archdiocese of Los Angeles boundary guidelines for junior high and high school youth working or volunteering with children or youth; and Megan’s Law compliance procedures. To view these and other policies visit:
La Arquidiócesis implementa políticas estrictas para la seguridad de los niños
La Arquidiócesis de Los Ángeles ha implementado políticas y procedimientos rigurosos para garantizar que nuestras parroquias y escuelas ofrezcan un ambiente seguro para todos los niños y jóvenes. Estos incluyen: Cero tolerancia; Pautas para adultos que son empleados o voluntarios en programas con menores; Pautas sobre los “límites de contacto” de la Arquidiócesis de Los Ángeles para jóvenes de “junior high” y “high school” que son empleados o voluntarios con niños o jóvenes; y Procedimientos para el cumplimiento de la Ley de Megan. Para ver éstas y otras políticas visite
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