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Coordinates parish committees set up to address the parishes' and parishioners' needs with respect to creating parish and school environments that are safe for children.


Strive to be a ‘safe adult’ in a child’s life
Published on 1/14/2019

One of the most common responses to stories from abuse victims who suffered in silence for years is, “Why did you wait so long?” For many children, they wait because they have no one they trust to talk to about what’s happening to them. Many victims feel ashamed and guilty. Take steps to become a trusted adult to the children in your life. Tell them you will listen without judgment or punishment, even if they are scared to talk about something. For a copy of the complete VIRTUS® article, “Safe Adults: What to Say and Do,” click here.

Una de las respuestas más comunes a las historias de las víctimas que sufrieron abuso y sufrieron en silencio por años es, “¿Por qué esperó tanto?” Muchos niños esperan porque no tienen a nadie en quien confiar para hablar sobre lo que les está sucediendo. Muchas víctimas se sienten avergonzadas y culpables. Tome medidas para convertirse en un adulto confiable para los niños. Dígales que escuchará sin juicio ni castigo, a pesar de que tengan miedo de hablar de algo. Para obtener una copia del artículo completo de VIRTUS®, “Safe Adults: What to Say and Do” (Adultos confiables: Qué decir y hacer), haga clic aquí​.

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