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 Safeguard the Children

Welcome!  The  Office of Safeguard the Children provides ongoing support, education, training and resources to help prevent child sexual abuse and to address children's safety in our parishes, schools, homes and communities.  Below find our featured items.  The menu to the right provides links to information regarding our Archdiocesan Programs. 


Year 3: Internet and Technology Safety
Safe Environment Training for Children and Young People
(For Elementary and Secondary Schools)
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has made an ongoing commitment over the past 14 years to provide education and tools to children and young people on different topics that will help protect them from child sexual abuse and other harm that they might encounter do to safety issues.  In the past we have sent out email files directly to you, however, because of the amount of resources we are adding this year everything is conveniently located here on the Safeguard the Children website so that you can link to only those items you need for the grade(s) you are teaching.  Click to read more and download our new 2016 TTS Internet and Technology Safety Resource Guide!
Permission Slip: English | Spanish
VIRTUS® Article: Pornography Consuming Our Children: English | Spanish
VIRTUS® Article: Practical Strategies to Protect Your Social Media Presence : English | Spanish
VIRTUS® Summer Safety Tips Lesson Plan​: English

Internet Safety Student Project

Take a look at these internet safety tips for families and children from a Girl Scout for her Gold Award Project

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. It is an 80 hour community service project led and completed individually by a girl in high school. For my Gold Award project, I chose to serve my community by educating about Internet Safety. I chose this because I realized that the Internet has quickly became an integral part of our lives. Since it is such a major aspect of all of our lives, it is important for people to know how to be safe on it. I decided that I should educate families for my project. The Gold Award overall was an enlightening experience not only for me, but hopefully for the people I taught as well.

 Working Together Brochures 2016

The new blue 2015 Working Together to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse brochures are here, complete with a letter from Archbishop José H. Gomez.   These brochures list all of the Safe Environment offices with complete contact information as well as  reporting information for Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.  


The Brochure is available for download below.  To order free hardcopies of the brochure for your parish, simply send us a completed order form.  Available in English and Spanish. 


2016 "Working Together" - Brochure in English (PDF)

2016 "Trabajando Juntos" - Brochure in Spanish (PDF)

2015 "Working Together" -  Brochure in Korean (PDF)

2015 "Working Together" - Brochure in Vietnamese (PDF)

2015 "Working Together" -  Brochure in Japanese (PDF)

2015 "Working Together/Trabajando Juntos" Brochure - Order Form (Word)

For additional information, or to contact the Office of Safeguard the Children, please call or email us at: (213) 637-7227   | 

Safeguard the Children Parish Committee Handbook:
The goal of Archdiocese of Los Angeles Office of Safeguard the Children has been to support and provide training and resources for the Safeguard the Children Parish Committees which are the foundation of our efforts to protect children and young people from child sexual abuse.  The Archdiocese of Los Angeles' Safeguard the Children Parish Committee Handbook has been created to help parishes and schools to fulfill this role.  Safeguard the Children Parish Committee Handbook (February 2016)

Ms. Joan Vienna, Coordinator
Office of Safeguard the Children
Archdiocese of Los Angeles
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