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The Metropolitan Marriage Tribunal handles marriage nullity cases and dissolution cases involved in the process used to investigate the validity of a previous marriage.

The forms listed below are for use by specially trained clergy, religious and lay persons who offer assistance to parties who have reason to doubt the validity of their marriage.  The Tribunal then investigates the marriage, and, on completion of the investigation, declares whether or not invalidity has been proved.

If you have questions regarding this process, or the documents listed below, please contact the office of the Tribunal at the Archdiocesan Catholic Center at 213 637 7245.  

The Forms are provided in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader
to view and print.  Download Acrobat Reader for Free.

Forms in English and Spanish

Formal Trial - Petition for a formal trial of Nullity, (21 pgs)
Declaración Formal - Petición para declaración de nulidad (22 pgs)
Favor of Faith - Petition for a Papal Dissolution in Favorem Fidei (20 pgs)
Favor de la Fe - Petición para Disolución Papal In Favorem Fedei (22 pgs)
English | Español

Pauline Privilege - Petition to the Archbishop to invoke the Pauline Privilege (9 pgs)
Privilegio Paulino - Peticióon al arzobispo para invocar el Privilegio Paulino (10 pgs)
English | Español

Ligamen - Petition (canon 1085, §1) on the basis of prior bond (5 pgs)
Ligamen - Petición (canon 1085, §1) con base de vínculo válido anterior (4 pgs)
English| Español
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