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Advent Penance Ser​vices

English:  Cycle A,  Cycle B,  Cycle C

Spanish:  Ciclo A, Ciclo B,  Ciclo C

Liturgical Preperation Aid for Advent & Christmas

Lenten Penance Services

English:  Cycle A,  Cycle B,  Cycle C
Spanish:   Ciclo A,  Ciclo B,  Ciclo C
​Lenten Resources
​​​​Ordinary Time Resources



Folder: Calendar AdditionsCalendar Additions
Servicio de Reconciliacion.docxServicio de Reconciliacion
Suggested intercessions for this weekend.pdfSuggested intercessions for this weekend
JFI-Lenten-Toolkit-Spanish-2015[1] 02182015.pdfJFI-Lenten-Toolkit-Spanish-2015[1] 02182015
JFI-Lenten-Toolkit-2015[1] 02182015.pdfJFI-Lenten-Toolkit-2015[1] 02182015
Masses in Latin according to the Extraordinary Rite.pdfMasses in Latin according to the Extraordinary Rite
Special Intercessions.pdfSpecial Intercessions
Prayer for Iraq.pdfPrayer for Iraq
Can I have a witness - Role of Godparents.pdfCan I have a witness - Role of Godparents