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Requirements for Certification

Office for Worship, Archdiocese of Los Angeles



Cantor Certification:


§  Cantor Formation Classes (including written and practicum examinations)

    • Part A (8 weeks)
    • Part B (7 weeks)


Entrance into the Cantor Formation Class requires a written recommendation from the pastor and the music director of your parish.


Requirements for Lector Certification:

§  Successful completion of 6-week Lector Training Class

§  Attendance at Liturgical Spirituality Class (3 hours)

§  Submission of 3-4 page double-spaced essay to the Office for Worship (essay assigned as part of the Liturgical Spirituality class listed above.)

§  Submission of a letter of recommendation from pastor

The 6-week Lector Training Class provides a general overview of Scripture, the Liturgy and proclamation techniques.  Sessions include:  Liturgy, Spirituality of the Lector and Ministry, Scripture, Proclamation Techniques and Practicum.

The Liturgical Spirituality course relates liturgy to life, which is the foundation of Cardinal Mahony’s Pastoral Letter:  Gather Faithfully Together.  It is for all Liturgical Ministers who are seeking to deepen their understanding of their ministry and their role as members of the assembled Body of Christ.

Parishes may contact the Office for Worship for a list of presenters for Lector Training, Lector Enrichment and Liturgical Spirituality classes.


For further information on either of these programs, please contact the Office for Worship: 213-637-7262 or