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The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, from Vatican Council II, teaches us that, " the liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed; at the same time it is the fount from which all the Church’s power flows".  Liturgy is “an orchestration of word and silence, chant and gesture, procession and attention, that we are to know, wonderfully, by heart” CSL: GFT 125.  Formation is at the very core of the vision and ministry of the Los Angeles Archdiocesan Office for Worship.  As a worshipping community we wish to uphold these ideals.  Through our Formation programing we offer a variety of means through which to achieve these goals.
The Office for Worship has structured its programing to work in conjunction with the Basic Faith Formation offered through the Office of Religious Education.  It is strongly recommended that persons desirous of receiving liturgical formation first complete the basic faith formation certification so that the student of Liturgy will more fully be able to integrate liturgical learning into the broader context of a Catholic/Christian theological foundation at the basic level.
The focus of our formation is given to the ministries of liturgy, music, lector and initiation through the following avenues:
  • Basic and intermediate training for Lectors and Cantors in English (20 hours each)
  • Certificación para lectores y cantores en Español (20 horas cada uno)


  • Specializations for Liturgy, Music & Initiation (1 year minimum)
  • Certificación Avanzada en Liturgia, Música e Iniciación (mínimo un año)


  • Formation Days (4 hours) which include:  Training for ministers of Hospitality & Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion; enrichment for Lectors, Cantors, Liturgical Musicians, Initiation Team members
  • Días de Formación (4 horas)Entrenamiento para ministros de la Hospitalidad y Ministros Extraordinarios de la Sagrada Comunión; enriquecimiento para Lectores, Cantores, Músicos Litúrgicos,  Miembros del Equipo de Iniciación
 In addition to the basic formation options offered by the Office for Worship  the OFW also endorses the following programs:
  • Graduate, and condinuing education programs in theology and liturgy offered locally by LMU and Mount Saint Mary's
  • Online learning oportunities through University of Dayton
  • Boston College Online Continuing Education program
  • LTP virtual workshops
  • Certification for Lay Ecclesial Ministry


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