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Basic Lector Certification


The lector (reader) proclaims the Word of God to the assembled faith community.  Men and women who accept the call to this ministry are presumed to be people of faith and lovers of Scripture, eager to serve the Christian community and willing to engage in ongoing formation and education.  The prophet Isaiah expresses this ministry well:  “The Lord God has given me a well-trained tongue, that I may know how to speak to the weary a word that will rouse them. Isaiah 50:

Requirements for Basic Certification as a Lector: 
      Successful Completion of Basic Faith Formation, a 40-hour course  offered by the Office of Religious Education.
      Submission of a letter of recommendation from pastor.
      Successful completion of 6-week Lector Training Class.
      Attendance at Liturgical Spirituality course or equivalent (3 hours  minimum).
      Submission of 2-4 page essay (Linking Liturgy to Life) to the Office for  Worship
      Attendance at Lector Enrichment Class at an OFW Formation Day or an  equivalent of 3 hours at various Regional Formation Days, ORE  Congresses or other conferences or colleges/universities once every year.
The 6-week Lector Training Class provides a general overview of Scripture, the Liturgical year and proclamation techniques.  Sessions include:  Liturgy, Spirituality of the Lector and Ministry, Scripture, Proclamation Techniques and Practicum.
The Liturgical Spirituality course relates liturgy to life, helping the lector to connect her/his ministry to living the Christian life.   It is for all Liturgical Ministers who are seeking to deepen their understanding of their ministry and role as members of the assembled Body of Christ.
Parishes may contact the Office for Worship for a list of presenters for Lector Training, Lector Enrichment and Liturgical Spirituality classes.